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Quietude Practitioner Training

Welcome to our Quietude Practitioner Training

Do you sense a calling for this work? 

Are you looking for a new direction? 

Are you involved in end of life care? 

A part-time, 7-weekend course in spiritual care for those on the journey of death and dying.

*If you have already applied and received confirmation of acceptance, and would like to book your meals and accommodation at Emerson College, please click the ‘Book Stay’ button to view booking options for each weekend.

Quietude® is a path of development for people of all faiths and doubts, who are open to the idea of the continuity of life beyond the gateway we call death, and who wish to be a companion or to offer spiritual support to those with a life limiting illnesses or frailty and are in need of end-of-life care.

This course is designed to train and empower people in being true soul companions on the threshold of death. It will give you skills, knowledge and understanding in how to accompany people in what can often be a time of crisis, vulnerability and questioning, when a new opportunity arises for love to transcend our fears.


Quietude® is for those who wish to offer emotional and spiritual support to people who are in need of end-of-life care. You may already be in the caring or medical professions, or work in a voluntary role, and would like to deepen your approach. You may be a family member, who wants to enhance your skills in caring for a loved one, as well as receiving support to offer this care.

Perhaps you are already a chaplain, or a minister, and would like further training. It may be that you are looking for a change in direction or career and want to deepen your service in the world. It could also be the truth that you are simply interested in the theme and would like to study it further.

This course is a path of development and will deepen your ability to accompany people in what can often be a time of crisis, vulnerability and questioning. However, the journey of dying can also seen as an opportunity for renewal.

Whatever your faith or doubts, you are welcome, however, an openness to the idea of the continuity of life after death would be helpful.


• What can happen in the stages of dying, at death and after death

• How to give comfort through the art of gentle therapeutic touch: ‘M’ Technique®

• To support people in preparing for death (practical, emotional and spiritual tasks)

• The importance of self-care

• To assist someone in talking about and reflecting upon their life

• How to find peace in your personal journey with dying, loss and grief

• To develop a practice of spiritual presence through meditation, mindfulness, quiet contemplation and listening.

• To become confident in offering blessings or prayers

• To offer bereavement support to those grieving a loved one

The spiritual philosophy behind the course will be based mainly on the work of Rudolf Steiner. Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practices around death and dying will also be taught.

Click on the image to download our Course Handbook

  • Programme
  • Course fees
  • Applications
  • CPD & Certificates

Quietude® is a rich and rewarding course, which provides an excellent CPD training for people in the caring and medical professions as well as for volunteers, chaplains or Interfaith ministers looking to deepen their service to others.

A certificate of attendance will be given to every student who attends at least 90% of the course.

‘M-technique®’ Certificates will be given to all students who complete that aspect of the training.

‘Quietude® Practitioner’ Certificates will be given at the end of the training course to students who fulfill all the assignments of the course, practical and written, to the satisfaction of the course leader.

The programme is made up of seven weekend modules delivered over a year. The duration of the programme is designed to allow the participants to practice and develop the skills they are learning over time.


Oct 2022: Fri 14 @ 19.30 – Sun 16 @ 12.30
The stages in the Dying Process

Nov 2022: Fri 18 @ 19.30 – Sun 20 @ 12.30
Practical steps, & ‘M-Technique®’ Hand & Foot Course

Jan 2023: Fri 13 @ 19.30 – Sun 15 @ 12.30
Building connection & bridging worlds

March 2023: Fri 10 @ 19.30 – Sun 12 @ 12.30
Tibetan Buddhist practices to support death & dying

April 2023: Fri 14 @ 19.30 – Sun 16 @ 12.30
Standing on the Threshold

May 2023: Fri 12 @ 19.30 – Sun 14 @ 12.30
What happens after we die?

July 2023: Fri 14 @ 19.00 – Sun 16 @ 12.30
Honouring those who have died, and our own achievements


*Includes materials but excludes accommodation, meals and travel costs.

Payment Plans and a small number of bursaries are available. However they need to be agreed before enrolling into the course. Once invoiced for the course, we will not be able to offer bursaries or payment plans any longer.

For further information, please contact Chiara Carones at registrar@emerson.org.uk


How To Apply

To apply, please click on the ‘APPLY’ button at the top of the page,  fill out the online application form and upload the documents listed above in the ‘Supporting Documents’ section.

If you have any questions please contact Chiara Carones – registrar@emerson.org.uk.

What You Will Need

To complete this application you will need to have the following documents:

  • A copy or a scan of the information page of your passport (the one with your picture on it)
  • A concise personal statement to include information on your background and motivation to take part in the programme
  • 1 written reference (other than family member)
  • A completed health statement available to download here: Health Statement

You will also need to provide contact details for someone you would chose to be your emergency contact, should you be accepted onto the course.

Application Process

Once you application has been received you will be invited for an interview with the Course Leader Annie Blampied Radojcin (in person or on zoom) as a final step in the application process.

The interview provides both you and the Course Leader the opportunity to explore the course content and requirements and your motivations for attending.  It will also to give you a space for any questions you might have.




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