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About Us

Emerson College exists to nurture life:

human life, the living earth and the spiritual elements of life.

This is what we teach.

Emerson Colleg Trust is an education charity and learning community founded by Francis Edmunds and inspired by the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Our Purpose

We develop, practice and teach sustainable ways of working and living through experiential teaching and inner-led change. We support people to flourish personally and professionally by helping them to integrate the spiritual, social and practical dimensions of life and work.

Our Vision

We want to see a world where the boundaries between working and living are dissolved, where the spiritual, social and practical dimensions of life are woven through our each and every action, where people have the capacity to live authentically, co-create and nurture life for the benefit of all life: human life, the living earth and the spiritual elements of life.

Our Mission

To provide lifelong learning to strengthen, deepen and develop our capacities to live authentically, co-create and nurture life.

To support Teachers, Carers, Doctors, Therapists, Healers, Growers, Creatives, Artists, Leaders, Practitioners, Initiative Takers and all those called to support and inspire others – to…

We pioneer

learning programmes in the fields of Holistic Care, Social Arts and Ecology drawing on the resources of Anthroposophy to deepen and broaden awareness of  the body, soul and spirit within our teaching.

We collaborate

with inspiring educational partners who share our values and work at Emerson to provide a wide variety of short courses, each informed by their particular specialism.

We support

other spiritually, socially and ecologically conscious organisations and educators by hosting and catering for events and courses through our unique venue hire programme.

People can come here and experience:

  • A time of inner reflection, meaning and growth
  • The warmth of human encounter
  • A deep connection to nature
  • And a sense of ‘Love in Action’

People often describe their time here as a pivotal moment, where life becomes full of meaning and purpose with a deeply felt understanding of the processes reflected in human beings and nature. 

In a time increasingly governed by advances in technology and artificial intelligence, Emerson provides a nurturing, human-centred space that supports individuals and communities to flourish.  At the heart of our work is our conviction that each action we take as individuals in the present is an act of co-creation which will determine the future. 

The responsibility for the future lies with us all.

We warmly invite you to join us.