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Dr Geoffrey Douch Scholarship Fund

Dr Geoffrey Douch Scholarship Fund

The Dr Geoffrey Douch Scholarship Fund is open to any doctor from all over the world in financial need who has been offered a place to study in the English Training in Anthroposophic Medicine at Emerson College. https://emerson.org.uk/course/anthroposophic-medicine/

The Dr Geoffrey Douch Scholarship Fund grants one award to the successful applicant towards tuition fees and accomodation (if needed) for the duration of their programme of study.

Please see below for the terms of the award and how to apply.

Dr Geoffrey Douch 1931-2022

Dr Geoffrey Douch qualified as a doctor in 1960, and then as a homeopath 2 years later. He worked extensively as a homeopathic, anthroposophical and general physician for over 40 years, both in the NHS and in private practice.

He was a founder member of both the Anthroposophical Medical Association and the Natural Medicine Society.

His quiet manner of care, compassion, humour and commitment is widely remembered by his patients and colleagues alike.

The creation of this scholarship in his name is intended to offer current medical practitioners the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the medical, homeopathic and anthroposophical traditions for the future.

Scholarship Fund

Terms and Conditions


To provide opportunities for Doctors from all over the world otherwise unable to afford the full course fees to attend the English Training in Anthroposophic Medicine at Emerson College.

Award of a scholarship will depend on both the course and the applicant meeting the criteria detailed below, on the number of applicants and the available funds. Prioritisation will also depend on eligibility for other available and relevant scholarship schemes.


  1. To meet a proportion of the course fee and of accommodation if needed.
  2. For students who are paying themselves (not part or wholly funded by an employer).
  3. There should be a clear benefit to the individual and/or society from attending the course, to be detailed in the application.
  4. Scholarships from the Dr Geoffrey Douch Scholarship Fund will be available only for the English Training in Anthroposophic Medicine at Emerson College. 


Criteria for an award:

  1. Evidence of limited means
  2. Completed application form
  3. Course leader recommendation
  4. The student must fulfil the admissions criteria for the course
  5. Awards will be made on a first come first served basis.


  1. A scholarship will be awarded for the full duration of a course
  2. The money awarded will be transferred from the Dr Geoffrey Douch Scholarship Fund to the course account
  3. Decisions on each application will be made within 4 weeks of receipt of the application form and any evidence required.


  1. If the recipient deemed to be in breach of the Student Code of Conduct and attendance, or who withdraws from study without a valid reason as accepted by the College, or who fails to meet the report submission deadlines may be liable to reimburse the full value of the scholarship, and/or have their funding withdrawn.
  2. The recipient must accept the scholarship offer by email.
  3. The recipient agrees to keep the award confidential from fellow students. Failure to do so may lead to its withdrawal.
  4. If the recipient of an award does not subsequently actually attend the course, then the money awarded will be returned to the Fund.


  1. The application form* for a scholarship with accompanying evidence must be received together with the course application.
  2. The form should be submitted to the Registrar.

*Application forms are available on request from our Education Manager by emailing our registrar@emerson.org.uk.


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