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Student Listening Space

Student feedback is very important to us.  Emerson College is a listening space and we are all continuously learning through our encounters with one another. Our staff and our teachers deeply value all feedback we recieve from our course participants. It is through your feedback that we can develop offering and enrich the experience for all our students.

‘It is important that we discover an  educational
method where people learn to learn and 
go on learning their whole lives.’
~ Rudolf Steiner

You Said, We Did

‘It would be good to have a chance to meet the teachers and find out more about the course before applying’

‘Our course leaders and teachers facilitated online taster sessions and one-to-ones for potential students to give them the opportunity to find out more about their chosen course.’

‘We would like to continue our course online, if we are unable to meet in person due to the current lockdown’

‘We researched and trialed different platforms for taking our residential courses online while Emerson College was closed during lockdown and made it possible for these courses to continue online.’

‘This learning platform is clunky, does not let us work as collaborately and creatively as we would like to’

‘We researched and found and trialed an alternative online platform designed for creative communities. Our students trialed the platform found that this suited their needs much more than the previous one. So we switched all our online teaching to the new platform.’

‘We are struggling with the amount of computer time per day as consequence of the circumstances of the course changing from residential to online’.

‘We reviewed the course structure and timetable, breaking it up into smaller modules to give students the same level of teaching but with shorter modules, and more breaks during the day to balance the amount of screen time for participants.  We also added in more self learning and artistic exercises between lectures.’

‘Please provide some tea bags (English breakfast) in the student house kitchens.’

The next week we added this to the task list for our house team during our weekly team meeting, so that students could enjoy a nice cup of tea in their house kitchens.’

‘The food is delicious – we particularly appreciate the vegan and gluten free option’

‘Over the last two years, we noticed that many more people were interested in eating vegan. Our cooks received on the job training by our kitchen managers to cater for vegan diets.’

‘We need Better Wifi’

‘In 2021 we paid for a fibre internet line to improve the WIFI in one our main buildings (Ruskin) to improve internet access for students.  While we are not yet able to improve the Wifi over the whole campus (due to our remote location), the addition of the fibre to some of our main teaching spaces has significantly increased the accessibility and upload and download speeds for course participants and teachers.’

‘The grounds are so beautiful.’

‘We recognise that our grounds are one of the highlights of our students experience. In 2021 we were granted Demeter certification for our whole grounds confirming that we don’t use pestizide and only use natural fertiliser.  Maintaining our grounds in a way that brings vitality to the soil takes a lot of work and we have confirmed that we will continue to hire the necessary staff to keep up the grounds despite our Covid losses and staffing costs.

‘You do not cater for my dietary requirements’

‘By request our kitchen now offers gluten free (GF) and dairy free (DF) options for every meal.’

‘It can be difficult to book courses and accommodation’

‘In 2023 we implemented a new booking system and are working towards streamlining the process to make it easier.’

‘The bedrooms are tired and need improvement’

‘We have engaged with an interior designer and have set aside budget for improvements commencing in 2024.’

‘It is frustrating only being able to access hot drinks at limited times during the day.’

‘Our tea room is now open throughout the day with availability of hot water, tea and coffee.  In late 2023 we opened the Emerson café offering refreshments from 8.30am-4pm throughout the week and at weekends as required.’