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‘Lifelong learning to transform and nurture ‘life’

When you come to our Campus you will find a range of different interconnected educational offerings.

We pioneer

personal and professional development programmes in the fields of Holistic Care, Storytelling & Social Arts and Biodynamic Cultivation inspired by Anthroposophy.

We collaborate

with inspiring educational partners who share our values and work at Emerson to provide a wide variety of short courses, each informed by their particular specialism.

We support

other spiritually, socially and ecologically conscious organisations and educators by hosting and catering for events and courses through our unique venue hire programme.

Our personal and professsional development programmes offer meaningful pathways for practicing professionals, volunteers and those seeking to work holistically in the fields of:

  • Holistic Care: providing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual care for others throughout different cycles and stages of live.
  • Storytelling & Social Arts: working with groups and communities to nurture creativity, strengthen connection, build resilience, and inspire change.

Nature is one of our most important teachers. Through our teaching we advocate the understanding that the wellbeing of humanity, of nature and of our earth are all inherently connected. That the deep changes that are needed for humanity and for the earth reflect the changes that we need to encounter and embody within ourselves.

‘Lifelong learning to transform and nurture ‘life’

Our Teaching Philosophy

The way we teach is designed to bring capacities of observation, creativity, self-reflection, inner development, and relatedness to everyday practices. Interweaving artistic, cognitive, spiritual, scientific, societal, and ethical insight with Anthroposophic understanding to cultivate inner, social and environmental change.


Our courses support people to integrate their professional, academic and personal growth and create their own individual path of development.


We approach each subject in a holistic way that respects whole human experience:   Physical,   Emotional,   Intellectual,   Spiritual.


We nurture individual, community and environmental growth and vitality through multidisciplinary and collaborative teaching.


We bring teaching practices born out of deep awareness and understanding of the times we live in taught by working professionals in their field.


We bring artistic activity into all of our courses, using creative approaches to help provide new perspectives and cultivate seeds for change.


We encourage inclusivity and diversity through awareness and openness, learning from and growing with each human encounter.


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