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Education Partners

We collaborate with inspiring educational partners who share our values and work at Emerson to provide a wide variety of short courses, each informed by their particular specialism.

Forest Row School Of Ceramics

Forest Row School of Ceramics is run by potter Katrina Jenkins. Katrina has over 20 years’ teaching experience and an infectious enthusiasm and passion for her craft.

Katrina believes that pottery is a very therapeutic and rewarding activity, suitable for all ages and all levels of ability. She loves seeing how her classes relax and de-stress her students and will continue to offer her existing weekly classes and termly workshops, perfect for those who want to try a new experience or learn a new skill.

For those who want to make pottery their profession, the aim behind the school is to offer courses covering all aspects of Ceramics, with help from prominent potters running blocks of teaching throughout the year. Talented artists would have the opportunity to develop their own styles and benefit from being taught the traditional skills and practises needed to set up as independent potters.

Inessa Burdich – Research in Spiritual Science

Research In Spiritual Science is an educational programme run by Inessa Burdich.

Inessa works in supersensible research and facilitates courses supersensible perception and methodology based on Anthroposophy, which Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925) founded as a system of knowledge, as well as a science and meditative practice for the attainment of such knowledge.

For more information please visit http://www.spiritual-research.eu/en/

Nose To Nose – School Of Clowning

Created in 1990, Nose to Nose brings together our diverse experiences in the fields of theatre, community building, teaching, storytelling, play therapy, counselling, Special Needs and organisational consultancy. Our influence and training ranges from The Bataclown (France) and  the Sacred Art of Clowning to Jonathan Kay’s Theatre of Now and the Roy Hart Theatre.

Richard Heys – School of Painting

“In the realisation of a finished work I aim to recover mystery and in this world of the known, I work standing before the unknown.”

Join Artist Richard Heys in his studio to experience a contemporary approach to painting and colour exploration. Discover and deepen your own language of colour and means expression.

For more information please visit https://richardianheys.co.uk

SAOG Studios – School Of Sacred Geometry

Here at Sacred Art of Geometry (SAOG) Studios we offer short courses and symposia in the practice and philosophy of Sacred Geometry and the arts of the Quadrivium.

We invite you to join us at our beautiful SAOG Studios, set in the heart of the idyllic Emerson College campus (adjoining Tablehurst Farm – our initial ‘home’) and a mere stone’s throw from London, Brighton and Gatwick Airport! to experience how Geometry, the language of the ‘ever-true, the eternally existent’, can be  a powerful means to this end.

Now is the time for renewed impetus … to realign the Arts and Soul Sciences and our connection with them to the Sacred.

School Of Storytelling

The School of Storytelling, Emerson College, the longest running centre of its kind.

Founded in 1994, we continue to run courses and welcome people from all cultures, backgrounds, genders, ages and experience.

The art of storytelling is a powerful medium, with the ability to inspire change and development. This new paradigm, exploring the new story emerging and working with stories for well-being and self-development is a running theme thorough the School’s teaching practices, the use of the imagination and personal stories to inspire 21st century audiences, building connections and community.

The Healing Garden – School Of Herbal Medicine

Created and run by medical herbalist Kirsten Hartvig and her team, The Healing Garden, is an Emerson College Partner Initiative, based in the Rachel Carson Centre here at Emerson.

‘At the Healing Garden, we work to unite botany and herbal medicine with biodynamics, and to create a peaceful inspirational forum for learning, healing and conservation, promoting health and wellbeing for all living beings.

In the garden, we value all lifeforms, and we cherish their companionship.  We know that internal and external biodiversity is the key to harmony, and that being part of nature is the most important part of any healing process’. – Kirsten Hartvig

Follow us on instagram @healinggardenuk

For more information about our Herb Walks & Workshops. contact us: info@thehealinggarden.uk or 07477 220 707, or visit www.thehealinggarden.uk