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School Of Storytelling


School Of Storytelling

A storyteller is more than a teller of tales. Stories can entertain, heal, inspire, educate, and help us connect with our deepest selves and longings. At the School of Storytelling we welcome people from all cultures, backgrounds, genders, ages and experience. Some go on to become storytellers or to use storytelling in some branch of their work but others  come to get in touch with their creativity, to trust the imagination and to ultimately find a work that brings them joy.

Story tellers have a long-standing tradition behind them and hold a great passing the ancient tales, questioning, renewing, and creating new stories for the world today – whilst exploring new inspirations, to allow the development of the art. In their exploration of oral storytelling, tutors draw on the traditional elements of the craft: performance and education, as well as pioneering new ways of working.With a huge variety of courses ranging from autobiographical storytelling, to working with story in education, health, and healing, to traditional or contemporary performance, the School is constantly growing and exploring.

The art of storytelling is a powerful medium, with the ability to inspire change and development. This new paradigm, exploring the new story emerging and working with stories for well-being and self-development is a running theme thorough the School’s teaching practices, the use of the imagination and personal stories to inspire 21st century audiences, building connections and community.

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Co-Founders (and Course Carriers)

Ashley Ramsden

Roi Gal-Or

Course Carriers

Karmit Even-zur

Stella Kassimati

Giovanna Conforto

Guest Teachers

Paul Matthews

Olivia Olsen

Naamah Pinkerfeld Gal-Or

Maria Zourari