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‘Beautiful grounds full of creativity, activity and poetic surprises’

Emerson is more than just a campus.  It is a living system that is embedded in many larger systems – ecological, social and spiritual. The experience that greets people here is deeply connected to the earth, to our roots in anthroposophy and to the contributions of many people over the years. In this way we see the place itself as one of our teachers.

Emerson Biodynamic Botanical Garden

Emerson Biodynamic Botanical Garden

The Emerson Estate is a Botanic Garden registered by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), as part of the BGCI/ArbNet Partnership Programme.

We have several plants of particular interest, including two ‘Champion trees’ – a Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Squarrosa Sulphurea’ which is the Britain and Ireland Champion for both girth and height, and a pandora cherry which is a East Sussex county champion for girth – the second largest in the Britain.

The Biodynamic Botanic Garden is a collaboration between Emerson College Trust and The Healing Garden, and is partnered with the Balkan Botanic Garden at Kroussia Mountains, Greece.

Emerson Kitchen Garden and Orchard

Emerson Kitchen Garden and Orchard

In our beautiful Kitchen Garden you will find beautiful flowers and fresh biodynamic produce grown to be eaten and enjoyed by our students, staff and community.

We also have an orchard where we grow our own apples and produce our own apple juice.

Our kitchen garden supplies our kitchen with fresh vegetables, salads and herbs as well as hundreds of bouquets of flowers to decorate classrooms. 

What we can’t grow ourselves we source locally and organically to create our vegetarian meals. 

The Apothecary Garden

The Apothecary Garden

Has been created by our partners ‘The Healing Garden’ for ‘The Healing Garden’ and Emerson College Students and visitors to enjoy.  It is a wildlife haven and part of a registered botanic garden. 

The garden was historically the part of the biodynamic college based here in the Rachel Carson building and before then was set up as a monastic herb garden.  Kirsten Hartvig and her team from The Healing Garden have been cultivating it since 2018, working with medicinal plants, biodynamic principles and organic no-dig gardening. 

The flower beds are arranged by plant family, so that it is possible to see the similarities and differences in botany between related species.

Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Trail

Discover hidden sculptures!

Throughout our estate, you will find many sculptures and flow forms created by our students. Our sculptures change and evolve with the seasons and the artists who create them.

The nature here provides great inspiration for artists and some of the pieces have been especially created for or inspired by a particular place within our grounds.

We often have resident artists working on campus drawn by the beautiful light and abundance of wildlife that can be found here.

In harmony with Nature

The Emerson College Estate supports a supports huge biodiversity with many different species of plants and trees.  It has been tended Biodynamically for over 60 years, without the use of pesticides, using using methods of cultivation designed to bring vitality and nourishment to the earth, supporting and celebrating the nature’s processes.  Almost everyone who comes to study or visit recognises the special quality which this care and attention brings to the learning environment.

All of our gardens are Demeter Certified and we are one of the first Biodynamic Botanic Gardens in the UK.  Our Vegetable Garden provides fresh vegetables to our kitchen providing soil to table nourishment for our guests.  We have an onsite apothecary garden created by our land partners, The Healing Garden,  where many species of medicinal herbs and plants are preserved and cultivated.

Creativity & Initiative

Our campus is host to a wealth of initiatives including our Biodynamic Botanical Garden (the first of it’s kind), The Foundation for Water, Emerson Vegetable Garden, Robin’s Nest Kindergarten, Acorn Art Studios and The Singing Forest Choir. At any time you will find artists in residence working in our studios, regular storytelling performances and many other events and activities to enjoy.