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Welcome to Emerson College

International Centre For Adult Education

How can we care holistically for ‘life’?

human life, the living earth and spiritual elements of life

Emerson College exists to help people discover the gifts that live within them. To help bring these gifts to the world in service of the wellbeing and vitality of ‘life’ (human life, the living earth and the spiritual elements of life).

As a charity, we  support the needs of current and future generations by exploring ways to integrate the spiritual, social and practical dimensions of life and work.

Storytelling Beyond Words 2025

Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training UK

Anthroposophic Psychotherapy 2024

Storytelling Beyond Words 2024

The Biography of Michelangelo’s Inspiration | Workshop

Mental Health Seminars 2025

Our courses share a common premise; to support our students in making meaning of their learning and their lives. Our aim is to enable people to find, deepen and fulfil their purpose in life. They combine Anthroposophic teaching with contemporary understanding in a way that is timely and relevant for the challenges we face in the world today.

Emerson is not just a place, it is a living, breathing community.  For our partners, friends and alumni it is the meeting of ideas, meaningful encounters and lifelong connections that makes Emerson so special.

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