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Quietude Practitioner Training 2025

Painting by Ninetta Sombart © Photo: Raffael-Verlag

Welcome to our Quietude Practitioner Training 2025

This is a Blended Course: One week summer residential followed by ten 3-hours online sessions.

Do you sense a calling for this work? 

Are you looking for a new direction? 

Are you involved in end of life care? 

Summer Residential at Emerson

The 7-day summer residential offers participants an in-depth understanding of the journey that leads to the threshold of death. We will also consider ideas about the continuity of consciousness especially, but not only, from the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and Tibetan Buddhism. Group work, singing, improvisation, eurythmy and artwork will support participants to process and digest their learning experiences. There will be time to reflect, connect with nature and enjoy the midsummer beauty here at Emerson. 


Jul ’25 to Jan ’26 (for provisional dates see our Programme section below)

After the residential, the work to become a Quietude Practitioner will continue and deepen through practical work and assignments. Everything you are learning and experiencing will be integrated through ten 3-hour online sessions where further aspects of spiritual and emotional accompaniment will also be taught and your practice deepened through continuing group work together.

*We understand that online learning is not for everyone. Anyone wishing to explore a retreat-only option is warmly invited to contact registrar@emerson.org.uk



Please click on the ‘APPLY NOW’ button, fill out the online application form and upload the required supporting documents.

You can view the entry requirements, supporting documents and application information at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.

If you have any pre-application questions please email Chiara Carones registrar@emerson.org.uk

Please note accommodation and meals are priced separately – details of how to book these will be available shortly.


Quietude® is designed to train and empower people to become true soul companions to those on the threshold of death. It is a path of development for people of all faiths and doubts, open to the idea of the continuity of life beyond the gateway we call death.

Our NEW Blended Course format of one week summer retreat followed by ten 3-hour online sessions has been designed, by popular request, to meet the needs of international participants wanting to embark on the journey of Quietude, as well as those living in more distant parts of the UK. 

The course creates a safe space in which to open the language and conversation around death and dying in a conscious, compassionate way, and provides a deep level of skills, knowledge and understanding of what is possible. Through this training you can deepen your ability to offer spiritual and emotional support those with a life limiting illness or the elderly frail who are in need end-of-life care.

DOWNLOAD OUR COURSE INFORMATION BOOKLET (this is the 24/25 booklet, 25/26 to be available shortly)


If you are interested in the Quietude Practitioner Training and would like the opportunity to meet our Course Leader, find out more about the course, ask questions and meet other potential participants, we will be holding the following FREE ZOOM TASTER sessions:

Please click the time/date link above for the session you are interested in.


Bursaries are available. For further information, please contact Chiara Carones at registrar@emerson.org.uk


• Caring or medical professionals and volunteers
• People seeking to volunteer and support those at end-of-life
• Chaplains, interfaith ministers, faith based spiritual or religious leaders or facilitators
• Carers and/or family members
• Complementary health practitioners
• Birth or death doulas
• People with an intuitive calling for this work
• Professionals looking for a change of career
• People looking to explore and gain a deeper understanding of death

Quietude® is open to people of all faiths or doubts.
An openness to the idea of the continuity of life after death is helpful.


This course is a path of development and has been shown to enhance your own spiritual awareness and trust in the spiritual world, as well as deepen your ability to accompany people in what can often be a time of crisis, vulnerability, and questioning.

The course teaches:

• What can happen in the stages of dying, at death and after death
• The types of support needed by those losing a loved one, and those who are bereaved
• How to give comfort and relief through the art of gentle therapeutic touch: ‘M’ Technique®
• The practical tasks around death (e.g. writing a will, planning a funeral, helping someone think how and where they would like to die)
• How to come to a place of peace in your personal journey with grief and loss, and your own feelings about death and dying
• How to deepen your own sense of Presence needed for the art of accompanying
• The importance of self-care to support you in your journey as a Quietude® Practitioner
• How to support someone in talking about and reflecting upon their life (biography work)
• To develop a spiritual practice through meditation, mindfulness, quiet contemplation, and open-hearted listening
• To become confident in offering blessings or prayers for someone who is dying, and/or their family
• To become familiar with the ways we can support those who have already died and moved into the realms of the Spirit.

The spiritual philosophy behind the course will be based mainly on the work of Rudolf Steiner. Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practices around death and dying will also be taught.

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The journey of dying can also be seen as an opportunity for renewal, healing, and forgiveness for those we accompany.
In taking this course, you may also discover a renewal of meaning and choices that you wish for in the rest of your own life. The supportive holding of the group space, creative exercises, conversation and activities, as well as teaching presentations are all designed to help you in deepening your own journey.

Many participants find that they discover or strengthen their own inner wisdom and feel this course to be a container where their voice can be truly heard.

‘I came to Quietude with an intention to be able to assist dying people and their families with bereavement in a helpful and respectful way. I believe I got that. But what moved and surprised me even more is that Quietude brought me “back to life “and as a mother of two very lively young children I was able to tune in, into the rich supply of universal energy and I truly, consciously enjoy every day ever since.’
– Anna Duncan

The course also aims to nurture the confidence and the skills needed to develop in your existing profession or embark on a new professional or vocational path.

‘The opportunity to be able to share thoughts around subjects that rarely get spoken about is wonderful, to explore more deeply within a safe, supportive environment is priceless. The space to think about past wrongs, and ‘to let go’, so redeeming. And to feel validated and understood is invaluable. To experience this and then put that into practice, to help the people we support and will be supporting in the future is incredibly special.

When I was counselling the quality of the (therapeutic) relationship was the most important aspect of the work, and I believe that most people, when provided with a safe space to express themselves authentically, will be able to work through many of the issues that they are trying to deal with. To be able to say things out loud, to a trusted person, they can then start to process and hopefully reduce that constant noise in their heads, to break into it and free themselves from that cycle, to help heal themselves.

Thank you, Annie, for creating this course and I hope to be able to take all I have learned forward and dearly hope to create something as special within the Hospice.’

Jane Pantony, Head of Counselling at Hospice in the Weald

  • Programme
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  • CPD & Certificates

Quietude® is a rich and rewarding course, which provides an excellent CPD training for people in the caring and medical professions as well as for volunteers, chaplains or Interfaith ministers looking to deepen their service to others.

Our NEW Blended Course format of One Week Autumn Retreat followed by Ten 3-hour online sessions* has been designed, by popular request, to meet the needs of international participants wanting to embark on the journey of Quietude.

A certificate of attendance will be given to every student who attends at least 90% of the course.

‘M-technique®’ Certificates will be given to all students who complete that aspect of the training.

‘Quietude® Practitioner’ Certificates will be given at the end of the training course to students who fulfill all the assignments of the course, practical and written, to the satisfaction of the course leader.

*the final sessions are four hours each.

This training comprises of a 1-week retreat at Emerson College and Ten 3-hour online sessions*:

The Residential Retreat will be from the 5 – 12th June 2025.  

It includes six full days, (6 hours per day, plus three evenings) and a welcome evening and farewell morning on the first and last day.

Provisional Dates for the Online Sessions TBC

Timings of the online sessions will be chosen to accommodate international participants once all applications have been processed and we know which time zones people will be joining from.

*the final sessions are four hours each.


The course fee is £1900 (including deposit)

*Excludes residential accommodation, meals, travel or course specific material.

A limited number of bursaries are available –  please contact Chiara Carones – registrar@emerson.org.uk.

*We understand that online learning is not for everyone. Anyone wishing to explore a retreat-only option is warmly invited to contact registrar@emerson.org.uk

How To Apply


To complete this application you will need to have the following documents:

  • A copy or a scan of the information page of your passport (the one with your picture on it)
  • A concise personal statement to include information on your background and motivation to take part in the programme
  • 1 written reference (other than family member) Template available to download here
  • A completed health statement available to download here: Health Statement

You will also need to provide contact details for someone you would chose to be your emergency contact, should you be accepted onto the course.


Please follow click APPLY NOW to fill out our online application form and upload the documents listed above in the ‘Supporting Documents’ section.

If you have any questions please contact Chiara Carones – registrar@emerson.org.uk.


Once you application has been received you will be invited for an interview with the Course Leader Annie Blampied Radojcin (in person or on zoom) as a final step in the application process.

The interview provides both you and the Course Leader the opportunity to explore the course content and requirements and your motivations for attending.  It will also give you a space for any questions you might have.





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