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After over 20 years working in Steiner Waldorf education, Annie was ordained as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister in 2004. She has worked ever since in this role, conducting ceremonies, including weddings, baby blessings and funerals, as well as having a busy spiritual counselling practice.  Inspired by A Course in Miracles, she has given many workshops and talks on Forgiveness as a pathway to Peace.

With over seven years experience in chaplaincy, she began this work as a volunteer in the ICU for premature babies in the Brighton and Sussex University hospital.  She later volunteered regularly in a nursing home, before working as a chaplain in Hospice in the Weald. She trained with Felicity Warner in Soul Midwifery, as well as being a graduate of Authentic Presence, contemplative end-of-life care training.

Annie has been on a spiritual path all her life. Her first experience of working with those who have died, was in her 20’s when she was part of a group offering spiritual healing for those across the Threshold. She was a member of the Findhorn Foundation, an international spiritual community in the north of Scotland, where she deepened her attunement with nature spirits as well as landscape angels.  As a Steiner Waldorf teacher she worked consciously with the Angels of the children in her care.   A long term student of the work of Rudolf Steiner, Annie recognizes the urgent need for us to awaken to the continuity of consciousness beyond the gates of death, and the possibility of giving and receiving support and love, to and from those across the Threshold.

Her greatest teachers in learning how to offer support to those who are dying has been her mother while she was on that journey; as well as the many patients she has accompanied in the hospice and nursing home.