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Paul Matthews

Teacher of Creative Writing

Paul Matthews, poet, gymnast, mentor, has been a long-time teacher of Creative Writing at Emerson College.

Here, below, is a personal note on his work in the ‘Storytelling Beyond Words’ course:

I have, since storytelling courses started at the college, found ways of adapting my work with words and movement to serve the needs of those who come to study here. You will see from my website that I have published two sourcebooks to encourage a lively use of language and imagination. Though the sessions that I offer will engage us in the act of writing both creatively and playfully, my intention is to serve the art and craft of storytelling that you have come for – to love words, to give permissions of fantasy, to bring language alive through our attention to one another. Don’t worry if you are not a native speaker of English… that will simple add a richness to the experience. Maybe (in whatever language) some poems and stories will arise out of the simple exercises that I invite you into, but the writing of finished literary pieces is not the point. You might find, however, that this joyful way of working with words adds a further string to your bow when, after our three months together, you carry your new skills and confidence out into the wider community. I am also one of the mentors accompanying small groups in preparation for the project festival at the end of the course.

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