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The Healing Garden


The Healing Garden

Created and run by medical herbalist Kirsten Hartvig and her team, The Healing Garden, is an Emerson College Partner Initiative, based in the Rachel Carson Centre here at Emerson.

‘At the Healing Garden, we work to unite botany and herbal medicine with biodynamics, and to create a peaceful inspirational forum for learning, healing and conservation, promoting health and wellbeing for all living beings.

In the garden, we value all lifeforms, and we cherish their companionship.  We know that internal and external biodiversity is the key to harmony, and that being part of nature is the most important part of any healing process’. – Kirsten Hartvig

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For more information about our Herb Walks & Workshops. contact us: info@thehealinggarden.uk or 07477 220 707.

For up-to-date Healing Garden course information, listings and news visit https://www.thehealinggarden.uk
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Kirsten Hartvig