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Emerson College is celebrating 60 years!

Francis Edmunds, Founder of Emerson College


Emerson College was founded by Francis Edmunds in 1962 to offer a meaningful education and path in life based on Rudolf Steiner’s holistic image of the Human Being, encompassing body, soul and spirit.

60 years on and Emerson is still an important centre for Anthroposophical Education and place of connection, encounter, beauty, wisdom, and inspiration for many people around the world.

To celebrate Emerson College’s incredible journey, we are¬†inviting those of you for whom Emerson holds a special place in your heart to

share your stories with us…

Throughout the year from Sept 2022 to Sept 2023 we will be celebrating Emerson College’s 60th Anniversary by inviting Alumni, Teachers, Students, Staff, Residents, Partners and Friends to share special stories of Emerson College, what Emerson has meant to them and what seeds of inspiration have grown from their time here.

If Emerson College holds a special place in your heart and you have a meaningful memory or story that you would like share, we warmly invite you to send them to celebrate@emerson.org.uk

We will happily except the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word Doc
  • PDF
  • WAV or MP3 Voice Recording (max 15mins)

(Poetic, artistic and creative offerings are also very welcome)

The stories will be published on our Blog along with Alumni Photos, Stories and Artwork from our Emerson College Archive.