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Posts by: Ellie

Striking the Balance – Lifeways 2023
20th November 2023

Striking the Balance – Lifeways 2023

Oh dear!!! The grass is wet and the mole hills are muddy. No matter - nothing stops young campers joyfully slithering down the Emerson ha-ha on their way to their ...

6th September 2022

The Essence Of Clowning by Angie Wakeman

We are delighted to showcase these beautiful clowning drawings by Angie Wakeman…

3rd August 2022

Bridging the River – Lifeways 2022

YES !!!! We did it !!! We crossed the lifeways bridge from the past, strong, sure, pre-COVID side to the future, new, fresh, post-COVID side. And what a wonderful experience ...

14th April 2022

Memories of Francis Edmunds and his creation

By Annie Blampied – Radojcin  (Student at Emerson College in the 1980’s) My first experience of Emerson College was wandering through the grounds waiting for an interview.  To the south …