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Many of us have experienced loss and bereavement of loved ones at first hand. We may also fondly remember individuals who were active in our anthroposophical circles and have crossed the Threshold.

  • Where are they now?
  • How can we reach them?
  • How can we support them and, no less importantly, how can we enable them to support us in these challenging times?
  • What part do the spiritual Hierarchies play in this? How can we learn to recognise them in our meditative life? How can we learn to work with them in ways that are truly fruitful? In fact, how do we know what is truthful and what is perhaps delusional? In addition, how can we connect with the elemental beings around us and work with them consciously?

These are questions we may carry, but often they remain personal and private. Nevertheless, working with and caring for beings on the other side of the threshold is as important for our world as the practical love and support we offer to our fellow human beings around us. During this year’s conference for members and friends of the AS in GB, we want to explore these themes in an atmosphere of warmth and trusting care for one another and the beings that surround us in the spiritual worlds.

We shall have three key speakers to guide us through these themes – Bodo Von Plato from the Goetheanum, Interfaith minister Annie Blampied-Radojcin and Tom Ravetz, Lenker of The Christian Community in Great Britain. They will offer their insights and facilitate ways for us to ponder and share in smaller groups.

There will be creative and artistic workshops to choose from, which will seek to bring aspects of the spiritual world to us from their different approaches – through Eurythmy with Diana Fischer, the Spoken Word with Adrian Locher, Painting with Mary Anne Paterson, Creative Writing with Paul Matthews, Connecting with the world of Elemental Beings with Michael Fuller and Biographical review and storytelling with Annette Gordon.

Later in the afternoons there will be Panel Talks, where a number of people will share their research and experiences on topics such as Reading to the Dead, Near Death Experiences and Life before Birth, which will then be followed by contributions from the floor.

Regarding the evening events, Bodo Von Plato will speak on the opening evening.

On Thursday August 4th, at 7.30pm there will be a Eurythmy performance, followed by eurythmy, speech and collaborative audience involvement.

There will be a Celebration of the Dead on Friday evening, with music and contributions from conference participants.

On the last evening we hope to have a Ceilidh. Although the conference is open to full time participants only, local members and friends are very welcome to attend the evening Eurythmy event on Thursday, August 4th, and join the Ceilidh on Saturday August 6th.



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03 August 2022
to 07 Aug 2022


Emerson College
Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX United Kingdom