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Karsten Massei

*This Event has been Cancelled due to Ill health but will be rescheduled at later date.*

Lectures on Weds & Fri evening, and 2 x 1.5 day workshops

Lectures: Man and Earth I & II
We are children of the Earth, animals, plants and nature spirits are our extended family. It is one of the great task of our future to put ourselves in a true relationship with the Earth and its beings. We can only fulfil this task if we experience ourselves as the beings we really are.
Self-knowledge of our personal and cosmic being is an absolute prerequisite for a life on Earth that does not harm it, but serves it. Only when we understand that we see and recognise ourselves in the beings of the Earth, and that the being of the Earth finds thanks in the human being, can we again find a true relationship to the Earth.
Wednesday 8th March & Friday 10th March, both 7.30 – 9pm, £10 each, please pay cash on the door.

Workshop: The Being of the Living Earth
The physical planet Earth is the body of a living Being. Its existence is of fundamental importance to human life, but also human behaviour directly affects this Being and its helpers, the elemental world. Meditation can be used to understand our experiences with these beings more deeply and to have our questions answered. Meditations for that purpose will be given and practiced. Karsten will also introduce exercises for the perception of nature beings, followed by participant’s practice and sharing of experiences.
Thursday 9th March 9am – 6pm, Friday 10th March 9am -12:30pm
£150 (£275 for both workshops if booked together). Call Alex Wright on 01342 827967 to book.

Workshop: The Spiritual Helper Beings of Man
Spiritual development is about forming a deeper relationship with our Higher I, a cosmic human being. Developing a conscious relationship with our spiritual helper beings is a helpful stage in this process. These beings include: our personal Angel, the being of our Double, the Body Elemental Being, the Christ being, and the being of our Inner Child. Meditations will be given and practiced through which the individual can learn to relate to these entities.
Also there are many plant and animal beings who can help humans, perception exercises will be given and practiced to enable us to
understand these beings.

Saturday 11th March 9am – 6pm, Sunday 12th March 9am -12:30pm
£150 (£275 for both workshops if booked together). Call Alex Wright on 01342 827967 to book

Karsten was born in Berlin in 1963 and has worked as a curative educator in Switzerland for the last 30 years. He developed his clairvoyance through spending time with medicinal herbs in their natural environment, and has written six books on Nature Spirits, including “The School of the Elemental Beings”, his latest book is “Connecting with Nature – Earth and Humanity what unites us?” published by Temple Lodge. He was a keynote speaker at the “Nature Spirits and Humans” conference in 2019 and gave a workshop in the Weleda herbal medicine garden.

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08 March 2023
to 12 Mar 2023


Emerson College
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