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MysTech Conference 2022

Consciousness, A.I. & Virtual Reality

3 Days, 20 Speakers

In Person & Online (all sessions are recorded)

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time

*25% off registration for all Emerson College Patrons*

Gain new insights about the mysteries of technology from the perspective of spiritual science and through the original research of distinguished speakers across a broad range of studies.

Gain a new appreciation of the impact technology has had on us in our evolution as both physical and spiritual beings while learning new ways of thinking that can help us meet the future challenges of the modern age.

About the Conference

This year’s MysTech conference is going to be like none other. With a mix of in-person and online presentations, this year’s conference will combine the best of both and include everyone, no matter where they are or how they attend. With the help of a professional production manager from Spain, we will put on an informative and thoughtful conference for everyone at a time when knowledge of technology and the spirit is crucial.

Why is MysTech different from all other conferences concentrating on Technology?

Deeply thoughtful speakers pursuing a spiritual scientific approach are coming together for a 3-day intensive concentrating on our relationship with technology now and for the rest of humanity’s future.

It is not just technological hardware, coding, psychological and physiological aspects of its use that we must comprehend. We must learn how to deeply enter into the struggle between forces, powers and principalities, some of which are opposed to our natural and supernatural human evolution and some of which are supportive of our rightful human spiritual path.

It’s easy to speak about the illusions and deceptions produced through technology as being outside of us, but it’s another to speak about the illusions and deceptions born from within, to actually “Know thyself.” To understand how opposing forces work within is the first step to addressing why we have incarnated in this technological era and how to confront the human issues before us.

MysTech Conference attendees will:

  • gain insight into the true origins of technology, especially the digital technology that now pervades every aspect of our lives
  • gain insight into the development of the human being over Time to the present and how technology has evolved to what it is today
  • understand that technology need not be all bad but is, for the most part, now being subjected to the drive to power
  • gain insight into how technology could be developed along deep moral foundations
  • learn about sub-natural and supra-natural forces, the differences and properties in relation to the human constitution and cosmos
  • learn about consciousness out of the consciousness soul so as to rightly confront and resolve the spiritual direction of our time.

Working with each other through a new and living thinking, not an old rehash, is key to MysTech’s whole point of being. The conferences attempt to challenge how we think of thinking itself.

This year’s conference will be the most rewarding yet as it tackles:

  • How technology and consciousness relate
  • How we are to bridge the natural and digital sciences and spiritual science
  • The pressures of for-profit technologies on our human constitution and how to fortify our subtle bodies
  • The emergence of quantum dimensional beings in our time and how to view it
  • How to think of artificial intelligence so we’re not misled by Transhumanist memes
  • Our relationship to our Lesser Guardian and potential real entrapment in an Eighth Sphere subnature world of our own making
  • The elemental worlds and their help or hindrance for truly human development
  • Sound, vibrations, and frequencies
  • A true understanding of force and energy in us and in the cosmos
  • The Metaverse (Eighth Sphere) and its trappings
  • Machine replication and the emergence of an artificial soul
  • Freedom of thought in a culture of directives
  • The genesis of a new society on the backdrop of digital technology

Big issues for an extraordinary time to be incarnated! This MysTech Conference

Further Information

11 August 2022
to 13 Aug 2022


Online Event, streamed from Eastside Community School
Issaquah, WA WA 98029 United States