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with John Wadsworth and Daniel Docherty


An experiential introduction to the twelve signs of the zodiac wheel, the sun, moon and planets, and the twelve houses or mansions of the sky. Astrologer John Wadsworth will guide us soulfully and poetically into the world of astrology, revealing the harmonic patterns between the twelve signs and the seven traditional planets that create the cosmic wholensss that has been known from antiquity as the Ptolemaic Order. We will explore the nested layers of myth and perennial wisdom within the astrological tradition that reveal the symbolic resonances of the signs, planets, houses and aspects of a birth chart. We will explore the different levels of the zodiac, its form and function as ceremonial calendar, developmental journey through life, map of the psyche, mandala of the soul. And we will explore the alchemical properties of the planets, and experience their animated presence through colour and sound, mask, movement and gesture.

Throughout the week Daniel Docherty will guide us through the various geometric constructions that structure and inform the astrological patterns. We will approach this work in a gently guided and contemplative way where the inherent symbolism of the forms will be elucidated as we go. One of the many patterns that we will explore and work with during the week will be a labyrinth imbued with planetary and zodiac significance. We will also have the opportunity during the course to create a sacred artwork of our own astrological chart.

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12 April 2023
to 16 Apr 2023


Emerson College
Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX United Kingdom