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Exploring Archetype through Story and Sacred Geometry with Ashley Ramsden and Daniel Docherty


‘Once upon a time, yesterday, today, tomorrow …’

All sacred stories and patterns are born from mystery into the circle of the here and now.

Underpinning all great stories are archetypal rhythms and patterns.
Learning to read this spatial script is a key to understanding the magic of a story’s picture language.
A story moves us, Why? it takes us on a journey at the end of which we are changed, perhaps troubled or simply reassured.
Through a focussed introduction to the practice of sacred geometry we will explore order in space and how eternal creative principles, such as the spatial dynamics of the six directions, sacred to so many traditions, inform and structure so many a good yarn!. We will ponder what this dressing up world of metaphors is all about and we will hopefully come to some playful insights of who we might be and why we’re here at all.

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24 February 2023
to 26 Feb 2023


Emerson College
Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX United Kingdom