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Emerson’s Gardens Spring Into Life

Janine, Emerson’s head gardener writes: Here in the garden, we have seen an exalted nod towards spring with the triumphant return of the Crocus. This year, more than last, they have graced us en masse and oh what a delight!  Troops of them stand proudly to attention underneath our beloved Tulip Tree.  I sense they are particularly pleased to be here, and I acknowledge their presence with love.

The exquisite, excitable chatter of the birds becomes ever more present and there is a palpable lift in the energy all around.  The sight of the snowdrops in the garden is only a step away from heaven to me.  I marvel at the intricacy of the flower heads, and you will often catch me knelt, lifting up the bowed head of one to show my appreciation of this beauty.  The snowdrops bring with them a quiet elegance that is equally as potent.

We are starting to see vibrant yellow pops of colour, dancing in amongst the plants.  These are the first daffodils, soon to be followed by the more refined narcissi.  Soon these will grow in numbers, creating the experience of being immersed in a living and breathing work of art, of which we are here in the garden at Emerson.

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