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Support our campaign to update campus signage

As visitors approach Emerson College, their attention is immediately captured by the two sturdy wooden signs standing sentinel at the entrance of the winding driveway leading up to campus. These proud markers, steadfast and dignified, serve as the initial welcome to all who venture onto the college grounds, embodying the institution’s enduring spirit.

Though their origins remain shrouded in mystery, these timeless markers likely bear the craftsmanship of a former student of Rudolph Kaesbach, previously leader of the Visual Arts course.   

Over the past twenty-five years, these entrance signs have been dutifully maintained, mostly by our Maintenance Manager Nick Weidmann, receiving regular cleaning and fresh coats of paint to uphold their dignified presence. However, they have also weathered their share of challenges, requiring occasional repairs due to inadvertent collision from careless drivers. Regrettably, prolonged exposure to the elements has led these signs to reach the end of their lifespan.

Existing car park signage

Upon conducting an audit of the signage across the campus, it has become evident that a significant portion is in a state of deterioration. Some signs are ambiguous, while others are misleading, resulting in frustrated visitors who struggle to navigate and locate their intended destinations.

Possible new car park signage

We would be very grateful for your support in fundraising to replace them with fresh, signage that maintains the campus’s welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that students, faculty, staff, and visitors can navigate Emerson’s grounds with clarity and confidence.

Revamping the campus signage at Emerson is not just about fundraising; it’s about igniting a passionate transformation here at Emerson.

If you feel called to support this effort please make a donation by clicking the button below.