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Beth Maiden

Movement and Dance Improvisation

Beth has always enjoyed dancing, but fell in love with movement improvisation in her 30s. At first practising solo and in secret (“what is this weird thing I love to do?”) and then finding the courage to move with others (“wow, it’s even better when we do it together!”)

She is fascinated by the magic that happens when we allow our bodies to move and communicate without judgement. Sometimes silly, sometimes profound, often both,

Beth believes dance and movement are powerful ways to listen to those parts of ourselves that don’t get heard in everyday life.

Beth now considers dance improvisation central to her life and wellbeing, and is continually seeking out new approaches to dance to deepen her understanding of this practice. Among others she has studied with Nose to Nose, the School of Disobedience and Cai Tomos, as well as teacher training with Mettler Studios in the US.

Beth lives in mid Wales with her partner and cats where she dances, studies herbalism, and runs her own small business.