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Inessa Burdich

Graduated as a physicist after which she embarked on an international business career spanning two decades. Her first passion was chess and she was a professional chess player and a chess coach for several years.

She gained a Holistic Education MSc in the UK and a Psychological consultant in Germany.

She has been practicing meditation throughout all her life from a very young age.

Along with her husband she founded in Germany the research company Applied Spiritual Research. Her main domains of activity are:


Spiritual Science Supersensible Research

of the development and production of mistletoe-based remedies, of the spiritual sources that lie behind illnesses, especially oncological and psychiatric illnesses, and others;



organisations and individuals, carrying out a spiritual audit of buildings and places.


Research in Spiritual Science

courses, talks and workshops on Anthroposophical Meditation and Supersensible perception;


The Power of the Light of Christ

international Christological initiative. Mediation for the Earth, the people and all beings;


The Gospel of John – study group;


Living Connections

Goetheanum Meditation Initiative – Anthroposophical meditation conferences and video channel;


Knowledge of the Higher Worlds

in meditation – international initiative for young people.


Inessa can be contacted at burdich.pa@gmail.com.

Research In Spiritual Science