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Martin Gutjahr

Course Leader & Artist

Martin Gutjahr was born in 1963 in Bremen. He spent his school years at a Rudolf Steiner School in Basel, Switzerland, where he took evening classes in abstract and portrait drawing. His first professional training was in ceramics, followed by two years as pottery fellow. He also went to the USA to a Camphill Village for a year, where he experienced co-working and community-living.

Martin came to study sculpture at Emerson College and worked for seven years as art and craft teacher in Graz, Austria. During this time he gave painting lessons at Waldorf Seminars and travelled extensively to Europe, North America, Israel and Japan. This experience of travelling opened new horizons in understanding different cultures.

Martin continued to study painting with Paul Pollock in Freiburg and Hans Georg Aenis in Basel over three years and has been living as an artist in Germany since 2002. During this time, he has developed his art inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s Evolution in connection with the qualities of the seven planets and their metamorphoses. The forces of ‘becoming’ have become Martin’s main interest in both his own work and his teaching. He currently runs courses in England, Taiwan, Switzerland and Austria teaching art to adults.