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Robin’s Nest


Robin's Nest

Robin’s Nest provides Waldorf inspired childcare for a mixed constellation of children between the ages of 3 and 7. We are situated on the beautiful grounds of Emerson College, a stone throw away from our local biodynamic farm.

Our morning is led by our fully qualified and trained Waldorf Teacher Raquel Cestari who, as a caring role model, provides a homely environment for the children to gently unfold out of. Raquel works out of an understanding of Anthroposophical pedagogy using rhythm, repetition and imitation, allowing the child to learn from life and out of life.

Our ethos is to create and sustain a setting which provides therapeutic care and education to nurture the whole family in their journey of parenting. We believe that working together as a community is a fundamental principle, which creates the conditions out of which the whole family can experience a healthy journey of growth. We therefore have a diverse and inclusive setting providing childcare for parents from all walks of life.