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Andrew Linnell describes what inspired him to create MysTech

Andrew Linnell is an Emerson College Alumni who attended Emerson’s Foundation Year from 1978 to 79.

At that time, he was also working for IBM and frequently heard people say ‘how can you work for the enemy, Ahriman?’. Distressed, he spoke with several of the teachers:

 ‘The most helpful was John Davy who had been the Science Editor of the Observer before joining Emerson. John talked about going under the skin of the dragon, of every profession being a part of as well as important to Anthroposophy.’

Andrew went on to work for 33 more years in the computer industry rising to the level of Lead Solutions Architect, then Chief Technology officer, and at another time, VP. Since his time at Emerson, he has always carried Anthroposophy with him:

‘One year, my company business took me over 100,000 miles. During this time, I gave Anthroposophical lectures in many cities including Singapore, Sydney, Seattle, LA, NYC, Chicago, and London where New View invited me to be a speaker at one of their conferences.’

After he retired he founded MysTech (for the MYSteries of TECHnology), an Anthroposophical organization created to explore Technology from an Anthroposophical standpoint.

‘Steiner highly spoke about his own background in Natural Sciences and Technology. He saw spiritual science as an extension of natural science. He foresaw the coming of mechanical beasts (robots) with great intelligence. And he called on spiritual scientists to develop a mechanical occultism. Our age is to establish the foundation for the future interpenetration of the mechanical and the moral. Thus, MysTech (for the MYSteries of TECHnology) was founded as an Anthroposophical organization after I retired.

MysTech will hold its 5th annual conference this August 11-13. It will be hybrid (both in-person and online for those unable to travel). I believe such gatherings are very important for our movement, to become aware of what Steiner had to say and how to deal with it.’

This year’s conference will be the most rewarding yet as it tackles:

  • How technology and consciousness relate

  • How we are to bridge the natural and digital sciences and spiritual science

  • The pressures of for-profit technologies on our human constitution

  • How to think of artificial intelligence so we’re not misled by Transhumanist memes

  • Our relationship to our Lesser Guardian

  • The potential of entrapment in a sub-nature world

  • The Metaverse and its trappings

  • Machine replication and the emergence of an artificial soul

  • The elemental worlds and their help or hindrance for truly human development

  • Preparation of counterbalances to fortify our subtle bodies

  • Effects of sound, vibrations, and frequencies

  • A true understanding of force and energy in us and in the cosmos

  • Freedom of thought in a culture of directives

  • The genesis of a new society on the backdrop of digital technology

Big issues for an extraordinary time to be incarnated!

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