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Rhythmical Einreibung Foundation

Introducing the Rhythmical Einreibung Foundation Course

Our next course starts in October 2024 and runs until June 2025:

Module 1 – 14-18 Oct 2024,

Module 2 – 9-13 Feb 2025,

Module 3 – 16-19 Jun 2025

Read on for further details or scroll to the bottom of the page if you are ready to apply.

This quality marked Foundation Course provides a comprehensive introduction to the art of Rhythmical Einreibung.

Rhythmical Einreibung (RE) is a gentle form of therapeutic touch. It works by supporting the body’s own forces to help strengthen, regulate and heal.

Because of its calming nature Rhythmical Einreibung can be very beneficial for patients who are too frail or sensitive for other hands-on therapies, as well as people who have been deprived of healthy touch or have experienced unhealthy or invasive touch.

The course is led by Fiona Sim. Fiona is a Registered Nurse, Anthroposophic Nursing Specialist & Rhythmical Einreibung Practitioner. She has experience working with children with special needs and terminally ill patients, as well as teaching both Nursing and Rhythmical Einreibung.

An introduction from Fiona in the video below:

Who is it for?

Are you:

  • A Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Carer
  • Support worker
  • Other Health Care Professional
  • Therapist
  • Someone who wants to use gentle, healing touch?

This course is open to members of medical and allied professions, carers and non-professionals. No prior experience is required.

Do you work with:

  • Those with chronic or long-term conditions including cancer
  • People who are frail or exhausted, feel stressed or burnt out
  • People who are going through difficult life situations
  • People who have experienced traumatic events
  • Those with eating disorders
  • Those in palliative care and at end of life
  • People with Dementia
  • People with special needs
  • Women who are pregnant or new mothers
  • Babies and children
  • People with mental health conditions, anxiety, depression
  • Do you have a friends or family member who needs support

Then learning Rhythmical Einreibung could be useful for you!

This course provides an excellent CPD training for people in the caring, medical professions as well as those working in the fields of holistic medicine, naturopathy and bodywork.

Learn about the structure of the course in this video from course leader, Fiona Sim:



Please click on the ‘APPLY NOW’ button, fill out the online application form and upload the required supporting documents.

You can view the entry requirements, supporting documents and application information at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.

If you have any pre-application questions please email Chiara Carones registrar@emerson.org.uk

You can book accommodation and meals for each module separately, details coming soon.



If you are interested in participating in the course and would like the opportunity to meet our Course Leader, find out more about the course, and ask questions, we will be holding the following FREE ZOOM TASTER sessions:

Please click the time/date of the session you wish to attend to register.  You will then receive the zoom link.

About Rhythmical Einreibung

Rhythmical Einreibung is a gentle form of therapeutic touch or massage, it works by supporting the body’s own forces to help strengthen, regulate and heal.

In this time post-pandemic we are all deprived of healthy touch and many people in their lives have experienced unhealthy or invasive touch, RE has a universal relevance for us all through its gentle, rhythmical qualities. Because of its gentle, calming nature it can be very beneficial for patients who are too frail or sensitive for other hands-on therapies.

The list of conditions that RE can help support is far longer than the list of those it can’t; in fact, there are very few contraindications for RE, unlike other forms of massage which can be too strong or intrusive for sick people. This is ironic, because it is when we are sick in mind and body that our need for caring touch is most acute. Rhythmical Einreibung is not primarily about curing problems, it is a caring medium of touch that supports the body’s own ability to heal, calms, relaxes, warms and relieves symptoms.

“Touch handled in a conscious way addresses the patient’s powers of self-healing and strengthens them thanks to the rhythmical element”By Edelegard Grosse Brauckmann from Handbook for Rhythmical Einreibung (according to Wegman/Hauschka)

Rhythmical Einreibung is an appropriate treatment for people of all ages and can benefit a wide range of physical and emotional health problems. It is relevant for anyone to use and can be used as part of nursing care, to apply an oil or ointment to a problem area, as a gentle whole body treatment or as part of the nurturing of family and friends.

This Foundation Course provides a comprehensive introduction to the art of Rhythmical Einreibung. Learning a kinaesthetic skill also teaches us a lot about ourselves; the experience of learning RE is very much a two way process where we can gain insight into ourselves and balance some of our onesidednesses too.

What is Rhythmical Einreibung? In this video Fiona describes the character and qualities of this very gentle form of therapeutic touch.

What will you learn?

• The key qualities of Rhythmical Einreibung as a form of therapeutic healing touch

• What methods of rhythmical touch can be used for different part of the body

• How to work with warmth, rhythm and flow

• How to position and cover clients to ensure comfort

• How and when to use Rhythmical Einreibung for different parts of the body

• The healing qualities of different oils and ointments

• Self-reflection: how to evaluate each treatment

‘Often the hands will solve a mystery that
the intellect has struggled with in vain’ 

~ Carl G. Jung ~

Rhythmical Einreibung according to Wegman/Hauschka was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by two physicians; Dr Ita Wegman and Dr Margarethe Hauschka. Since the 1970’s teaching of and research into RE have been furthered by nursing professionals. This Rhythmical Einreibung Programme is recognised by the International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing (IFAN).

Wondering about the difference between Rhythmical Einreibung and Rhythmical Massage Therapy?
Emerson College is delighted to offer courses in both Rhythmical Einreibung and Rhythmical Massage Therapy – to learn more about the differences, and the similarities, click here to visit a blog post by course leader Fiona Sim.

CPD opportunity

Anyone who is experienced in RE up to Foundation level can apply to join a Module for a day or more as a refresher and CPD opportunity.

Fee: £120/day, CPD certificate provided.

Contact registrar@emerson.org.uk for more information and to express your interest.


A selection of feedback from previous Rhythmical Einreibung students:

 “As a parent, carer of elders and complimentary therapist this beautiful art of gentle healing touch has been absolutely invaluable to me. It has changed the way I practice in so many beneficial ways. With very few contraindications it has opened up the support I have been able to offer others, both physically and emotionally, in everyday ways and in much more challenging times.

The depth to this course and practice is truly amazing and I will always be incredibly grateful for this introduction to RE. This foundation course is an absolutely invaluable start or addition for anyone on a journey of holistic touch therapy. The knowledge and teachings from Fiona are truly inspirational and all while being immersed amongst the beautiful surroundings at Emerson. It is an absolute gift.”. – Steph, Massage Therapist and Weleda Wellbeing Advisor

“I keep coming back to my Rhythmical Einreinbung practice both in my general work as a nurse in care of the elderly and dying but also in my home life in the care of my children and family. It has been such a gift in deepening my understanding of healing oils and of the way we approach others with the intention to bring healing. 

The training of RE in the foundation course is very in depth and really let’s you appreciate the skill that goes into this healing therapy.”. – Nora, past student

The RE course I completed in 2022 has been a fantastic learning experience and I highly recommend this course. I combined the training at Emerson with a parallel course in Holistic Massage at ITEC level 3. Both trainings together have enabled me to practice RE professionally. Holistic Massage also known as Swedish Massage uses different touch qualities to RE. I did not find this confusing. On the contrary, it was interesting to work consciously on differentiating techniques and collecting client responses through case study work during both courses. The professional teaching by Fiona Sim, who is a practicing hospice nurse with lots of clinical experience, was outstanding. I find RE extremely versatile. I now use it with clients who experience long term chronic pain at the Kairos Pain Rehabilitation Clinic in London. One of my private clients has Cerebral Palsy and she finds the RE treatment on her hands, arms, and shoulders very helpful with her severe spasms. She reports to sleep better for consecutive days after her regular treatments. RE has taught me a sensitivity of working with specific parts of the body which can be further developed over a lifetime through regular practice. It is a technique with a reverence for the individuality of each client. It pays special attention to warmth and clients comment on feeling looked after both physically and on a soul level. I hope you will have the opportunity to be on this excellent course in the beautiful setting of Emerson College.”. – Susanne Koszyk, past student

  • Programme
  • Course fees
  • Applications
  • CPD & Certificates

Assessment methods

Participants need to successfully complete written and practical assessments and report on ten RE treatments to achieve the CI Quality Mark Certificate.



This course provides an excellent CPD training for people in the caring, medical professions as well as those working in the fields of holistic medicine, naturopathy and bodywork. Certificates will be given to all students who complete the course.

Further progression

The Foundation Course allows access to further courses in the Rhythmical Einreibung Programme
Following successful completion of the Foundation Course participants can progress to the Whole Body Einreibung, Five Point Einreibung and Organ Einreibung Courses.

Mode of Delivery/Facilitation

The programme is delivered through a combination of lecture presentations, demonstrations and practice and large and small group activities, as well as independent study and client treatments. It is delivered over three modules (13 days), with participants expected to undertake individual study and practical assignments requiring approximately 50 hours independent study between modules.

Module dates

Module 1 – 14-18 Oct 2024
Module 2 – 9-13 Feb 2025
Module 3 – 16-19 Jun 2025

What to Expect

The training will be delivered through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice, as well as independent study and client treatments. You will also be expected to undertake individual study and practical assignments requiring approximately 50 hours of independent study between modules.

In order to meet the requirements for completion of the programme, participants will be expected to:

  • Attend all sessions 
  • Submit at least 10 treatment reports of their own practice. These must be for friends and family for learners who are not currently working as healthcare professionals, but can be for clients if the learner is a professional currently working with clients. 
  • Submit assignments by deadlines and resubmissions within 4 weeks.
  • Participate in all activities
  • Read from recommended book/article list
  • Demonstrate that they have met all learning objectives. 

On this course participants will learn the part RE( feet, calves, knees, thighs, arms, sitting back, lying back, chest and abdomen) and the fundamental principles of RE including relevant anatomy, guidelines and orientation lines, ongoing awareness, posture, positioning, indications and contra-indications, counter-movement, appropriate substances to use, nurturing warmth, understanding the hand, the significance of rhythm, in-breath and out-breath in RE, understanding RE in relation to other forms of therapeutic touch and massage. 

There are two levels of achievement for the practical aspect of this course – Basic and Therapeutic – For more information click here to download the RE Foundation Course Quality Mark Guide.

Following acceptance onto the programme, you will be asked for a non-refundable deposit of £ 285 within 14 days of acceptance. This serves to secure your place on the course, and it will be credited towards your tuition fees.

Course fees can be paid upfront or via a payment plan as follows:

Option 1: £1900 (£285 deposit plus £1,615)  if paid upfront at time of acceptance.  *** EARLY BIRD *** £1750 if course fees paid in full by 30 June 2024.

Option 2: £2000 with a payment plan of £285 deposit and 2 equal payments of £857.50 with 1st Payment by 10 September 2024 or at time of acceptance if later than 10 September, and 2nd Payment by 10th  February 2025.

Refunds & Cancellations

If you cancel the course booking within 14 calendar days of receiving your acceptance confirmation, any payment made will be refunded in full, up until 60 days prior to the start of the course; thereafter there are no refunds.

Special consideration will be given in cases of illness confirmed by medical evidence.

Cancellations received after the 14-day cancellation period and earlier than 60 days before the start date of the course will receive a refund of any fees paid minus the Deposit. Thereafter there are no refunds. There are no refunds for missed days or modules.

If you apply within 14 days of course start, any cancellation within 14 days of acceptance confirmation (provided that there has been no attendance or access to resources) will be entitled to a full refund, in line with Consumer Protection Legislation.

If the course has started within this 14 day notice period, you may be liable for those days attended.

If you have had a payment plan agreed by the course registrar, the above cancellation policy applies.


To complete this application, you will need to have the following documents:

  • A copy or a scan of the information page of your passport (the one with your picture on it)
  • A 500 word statement explaining why you wish to complete this training
  • Your CV including education, membership of professional organisations, work history
  • A completed health statement available to download here: Health Statement


Please CLICK HERE to fill out the online application form and upload the documents listed above in the ‘Supporting Documents’ section.


Once you application has been received, you will be invited for an interview (in person or on zoom) as a final step in the application process.

The interview provides both you and the Interviewer the opportunity to explore the course content, requirements and your motivations for attending.  It will also give you a space for any questions you might have.


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