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Two One-Week Painting Courses
with Martin Gutjahr

Sun 14 – Fri 19 August 2022
Movement, Rhythm & Colour In The Landscape

Sun 21 – Fri 26 August 2022
From The Elementary In Landscape To Colours In The Painting


Nature shows and reveals itself to us from many different aspects

We observe it through our eyes, we listen to the sounds which reach our ears and we become aware of all the scents, which belong to it, but we also feel the wind and enjoy the play of light, which brings forth colours in endless variations.

We can also become sensitive to the forces behind outer appearances, like the growing forces, or the elementary power which shapes nature. All this can fi nd its way into artistic expression. Our art-work focuses on the conversation between I and nature, between the inner world and the outer world. In both courses you will be offered a step by step guidance, which then becomes more and more free as our skills develop.


Course 1



In this course we will discover how colour, movement and rhythm in the landscape are in constant interplay with each other. This interplay has many aspects and always surrounds us in a harmonious balance. Through different techniques we will learn how to express of all this, working with charcoal, pencil, coloured pencils, pastels and water colours:

• We will start our journey with observation and drawing, first exploring linear movements in black and white, then transforming this into colour.

• We will learn how lines and colours interact with each other in order to reflect the landscape‘s architecture.

Having understood this, we then will learn how colours show themselves nearby and in the far distance and how this colour play can enter our art work. Towards the end of the course we find, out of our own experience, ways to express the essence of the landscape.


Course 2



In this course we will open our senses towards the building forces of nature:

Which colours can express the ‘activities’ of the elementary forces?

Which colour arrangements best reflect the dynamic of what we will discover and experience?

• We will learn how to use and handle art materials such as charcoal, pencil, coloured pencils, pastel and water colours, all on paper.

• We will practise in a playful way how to express through lines and colours what we see and feel and understand. Both, drawing and painting, will guide us into artistic expression.

The lines of charcoal find their dynamic, the coloured pencils will bring forth a first colouring, the pastels will lead into expressive statements and the water colour work lets us embody the delicacy of colour combinations.


*Both courses are suitable for both beginners and more advanced artists.




Each course begins on Sunday with registration at 17.00, followed by supper and an evening session, and ends on Friday after lunch (which is at 12.30).





Tuition fee:

  • 1 week £385
  • Both weeks £750

Accommodation & meals:

  • 1 week £360
  • Both weeks £720 – you can stay the weekend at the college free of charge (no meals during weekend)



Further Information

14 August 2022
to 25 Aug 2022


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Emerson College
Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX United Kingdom