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Nature Cure Diploma Course – 8 modules

October 2022 – June 2023, starting 14-16 October 2022


What will you learn?

This course will teach you how to look after yourself and the people around you with gentle remedies by understanding how the body, mind, and spirit work together in an integrated ecosystem with the natural world.

Each unit focuses on a specific body system and the foods, herbs, and healing techniques that can help bring it into balance.

The Human Ecosystem is a new way of looking at how the body works, developed by Dr Nic Rowley, who will be teaching on the course on Saturdays.

Natural health and herbal medicine modules will be taught by Kirsten Hartvig ND, who is a naturopath, medical herbalist, and nutritionist, passionate about using easily accessible foods and herbs to prevent disease and regain good health.

Together, Nic and Kirsten have run retreats and workshops in France, Denmark and the UK. They were both part of creating Heartwood Herbal Education.

This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from them. Read more about Nic and Kirsten further down.

Who is it for?

The course is taught to Level 3 standard (A-level). No prior knowledge needed as we believe natural processes can be understood on many levels and, once you start, you never stop finding deeper knowledge.

It is for natural health practitioners, students, garden and nature enthusiasts, and everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and experience of natural forces, health and healing.

Course structure

Each unit has four parts:

  • Structure = human anatomy, and plant botany/taxonomy

  • Function = human physiology, and plant pharmacology

  • Dysfunction = pathology and materia medica

  • Repair = treatment protocols, nature cure, and herbal pharmacy

Each of the 8 units starts with an introduction to the current subject on the Friday evening; human science with Nic on the Saturday; and herbal medicine/naturopathy with Kirsten on the Sunday.

There will be practical, hands-on sessions both Saturday and Sunday.

FRIDAY 18:30-21:30
Introduction to the month’s topic and class presentations

SATURDAY, 9:30-16:30
The human ecosystem
with Dr Nic Rowley MA (Cantab), MRCS, LRCP, MBAcA

SUNDAY, 9:30-16:30
Natural health & herbal medicine
with Kirsten Hartvig ND, MNIMH, DipPhyt


1. ROOTS: 14-15-16 October 2022
Raw material processing – digestion, biomes and lungs

2. ROOTS: 18-19-20 November 2022
Transport systems – heart, circulation, lymph

3. LEAVES: 13-14-15 January 2023
Waste disposal – kidneys, lymph, intestines, skin and breath

4. LEAVES: 3-4-5 February 2023
Information processing, command and control – nervous systems, hormones, transmitters, and distributed brains

5. FLOWERS17-18-19 March 2023
Movement – joints, muscles, balance and coordination

6. FLOWERS: 21-22-23 April 2023
Defence – skin, membranes, immune system

7. SEEDS19-20-21 May 2023
Growth, development, and reproduction

8. SEEDS: 16-17-18 June 2023
Integration – homeostasis

GUEST LECTURERS will join us on some of the modules.

Further Information

03 February 2023
to 05 Feb 2023


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