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Are you an experienced storyteller?

Do you have a storyteller vision you would like to develop?

CREATIVE LAB is a three-week programme from our Storytelling Beyond Words course leaders Roi Gal-Or and Karmit Evenzur.

It is designed to support ‘Imagineurs’; imagination entrepreneurs, contemporary storytellers who dedicate their work to serve the living Earth, nature, and humanity in meeting with courage and imagination the challenges of these epic times we have been born into.  It offers storytellers and activists an ideal environment, nourishment and encouragement to work on developing their creative projects.

Storytellers have traditionally played an important part in the social fabric of their communities. They foster social cohesion by bringing people together through live encounters and are able to address a wide variety of social issues through metaphor and imagination. Contemporary storytellers can play a role in revitalizing community life, bring into focus social injustices, shift public attitudes and offer new ways of looking at things.

Creative Lab supports the professional development of storytellers, who want to develop a creative body of work, which engages in and addresses specific social/ environmental issues. It opens up a new environment, away from the restrictions and pressures of everyday life, providing the time and space for in which to develop work and creatively explore new ideas. Our experience shows us that storytellers, like many other emerging artists, need time for reflection, research, mentoring, guidance, presentation and production, which is what this programme aims to provide.

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10 October 2022
to 28 Oct 2022


Emerson College
Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX United Kingdom