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Nature’s inspiration flooding in through the windows

Nature’s inspiration flooding in through the windows

The therapeutic benefits of working with clay have been well documented and the focus and attention needed in making a pot take you to a different and quieter place.  Potters sometimes say that it’s a mindful and meditative place where their focus is entirely in the moment on the object they are making.

Hillside Pottery School is based in the Rachel Carson building, with views across Ashdown Forest. The setting surrounded by fields and the herb garden is conducive to peace and tranquility with “nature’s inspiration flooding in through the windows.” (a quote from one of their Tuesday afternoon students).

The school offers weekly classes and courses for beginners and seasoned potters. Classes are small and serve as a platform for building connections with like-minded people and the potting community in general.

Classes are not only about learning a new skill, such as centring the clay on the wheel and lifting the clay to make a cylinder, they are also about self-expression and turning your ideas into tangible objects.  And every pot made is unique because it is made by hand and expresses how we are on that day and at that moment in time.

For more information, or to book a place visit www.hillsidepotteryschool.co.uk