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Summer in the Emerson Gardens

Summer in the Emerson Gardens

The gardens at Emerson are a vibrant haven of biodiversity and tranquility, frequently admired by visitors. In this blog post our dedicated gardener, Janine, offers a look at the unique flora and fauna that flourish at Emerson during the summer months. She writes:

“The arrival of a very majestic troop of foxgloves in the Garden, sometime in late May has been an utter delight to behold. They made their presence known and I welcomed them in with admiration and wonder. It has been a year for the foxglove it seems as they can be seen dotted around the campus.

We have a rich succession of incredible wildflowers that weave and dance their way through the gardens here at Emerson. Cow parsley, buttercup, vetch, wild sorrel and wild geranium to name but a few. I nod my appreciation and allow them all to have their moment; to me they are an integral element of the cycle and add a dynamic to the planting that only nature could orchestrate. I will often notice ‘accidental’ couplings of plants I would never have thought to put together, like geranium and our native pink clover. Absolutely beautiful.

The roses in a profusion of pinks cascade and tumble over the iron pagoda around Pixton House.  In contrast the fresh elegance of Rosa Canina (dog rose) is quite simply beautiful. This, like the foxglove has also been prolific this summer. It is this one that has been stopping me in my tracks and lifting my spirit and I thank it daily for its presence.

A few treasures have appeared around my glasshouse and the surrounding garden which was Annemarie’s old garden. The first is an elegant yet sumptuous pale pink rose – amazingly this rose is still growing out of a fallen over plant pot, buried half into the ground. I suspect it has been there over a decade.

I was hoping for the appearance of a rather statuesque delphinium which I discovered down in Annemarie’s old garden. Her flowers, a mesmerising shade of luminous blue, with hints of lilac. Set against the brick red building of the Eurythmy studio she looks stunning.”

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